Saturday, December 1, 2012

Handsome Felt Snowman Ornament

Here is one of two little ornaments I made playing with felt for the first time. A medium I have avoided for over a year. Why? Because there are soooo many cool things you can do with felt! And I personally just had too many other projects my time was promised to. But anyhoo! I sat myself down and made two little ornaments for my family tree. My hopes are to make enough ornaments that we’ll have a handmade ornament tree. Phew! One down, more to go!

Here is a free handsome snowman pattern. It was fun learning how to fuse felt pieces with appliqué material. Let me know if you have any questions!

Supplies Needed:
5-6  felt colors
Light iron on appliqué
Permanent marker

1.       Cut out paper pattern pieces
2.       Select felt colors for perspective pieces, cut out relative size to pattern piece and fuse to light appliqué material.
3.       Pin paper pattern to fused felt and cut out shapes.
4.       Layer and iron felt pieces in noted order. 1>snowman body on to background 2>Scarf, and carrot on snowman body
5.       Apply a thin cut piece of appliquéd felt to hat for décor if you wish, then iron hat onto snowman body’s head.
6.       Spray snowman ornament or steam iron and rub with iron to get felted blend look.
7.       With permanent marker dot eyes.
8.       Carefully snip or poke a small hole and thread ribbon though for hanging ornament.

Please Note: This pattern is for personal use only. 

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