Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First Nail Painting

I decided to try instant drying nail polish instead of the expensive stuff. Drying time is not sutible other wise. So far my nails still look pretty! My daughter was interested in what I was doing. Attempting to trim her own nails I plopped her into my lap, trimmed her nails, and asked if she wanted them painted. "ya" her sweet little response.

He he. Painting her nails was easier than taking the picture. :)

Now to pick up and vacuum a spilled bowl of cheerios!

Monday, August 27, 2012


Had a neighbor said hello to me this afternoon.

 She belongs to our land lord. Some days she gets to roam around the yard. Just scratching and digging on her lazy Monday.
Laying in the durt until she heard my camera :)

My husband texted me and asked how my Monday afternoon was going. Here is my response. "Sewing away, kids asleep, watching Cosby. A chicken is scratching outside the window. Life is good." Hope your Monday was just as peaceful.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Unplanned Saterday Fun

Generally, I briefly play with sewing and then go strait to the sewing that needs to be done. But today I made a conscious effort to do something I've been wanting to do for a while. Learn to make my own clothes. It's the thing I fear the most really. I picked up a yard remnant of blue satin material. (it's cheep, not plain muslin cloth, and I won't cry if I mess up).

I decided to make a halter shirt out of it. I don't have to work with sleeves, or shoulder's for that matter. Woohoo! I cut two 17" x 17" squares and folded a triangle to create a fold suitable to the with of my front and back right under the armpits.

 Next, trim the adjacent corners, sew together, add hem and sash for the neck right? Well, one weakness I have is not having a strict planned  road and keeping things simple. So! I decided to sew it by hand! Yup this project is going to take a while.
But I'm determined to take my time with the detail. Meditating on the running stitch, following the stitches where ever they lead me. Yes, unplanned, not quite the way to learn how to make clothes. But it's Saturday. I need a slow, relaxing project to work on. Something different than the usual "send it through the sewing machine real quick and bam!" Believe me, such a thing has developed stressful construction and unhappy outcomes.

Speaking of unplanned, I see I desperately need to have my posts planned out.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Hello and good morning!
I wanted to give you a preview of the fabrics I selected for my Christmas Line. Why in August you might ask? Well, by the time I get to it, it will be "prepare for Christmas season." Perhaps it already is. But I feel good about myself working on it already. Forgive the blue overtone in the photos, it's morning and I got myself out of bed before the kids rise :)

Here it is!

I LOVE the modern holiday leaves and the retro Christmas patterns
 And Pink? Um yes please! Need to have an option for the little ladies and for any little mister that wants to stand out!

And with a dark green

I know, I know. Too many color choices can be a bad thing. But I had a hard time deciding between the dark green, and the light green. Any counseling or ideas?

Friday, August 17, 2012

Oh Happy Day

I can't believe its Friday. Or rather. Saturday in one hour! Wonderful week. I'm finally getting spring cleaning done. Woohoo! Anyways I feel good about what I've accomplished. Cleaning out the pantry, scrubbing the shower, cleaning the fridge out, four boxes to good Sam second hand. reopening my Etsy store, starting my daughter's 2nd birthday gift. I need a picture to post. Ooof. Alas I have non, my camera isn't near by for it's memory card. I need to buy a pretty hook to hang it on the wall by my desk. Alrighty, I'm going to sleep. Goodnight ya all.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sun Tea

One of my favorite memories growing up is my mom making her sun tea. Instructions: Fill a large jar with water, place 6 tea bags into the water, place it in the sunniest place in the yard and then let the sun do its work.  

Sounds simple right? You would not believe how much the taste varies from one batch to the next. My first batch was perfect. Smooth and crisp. Not too heavy in tea taste to dry your pallet. Haven't had it since. I suppose everyone has their own way of liking sun tea. But for me it's either weak or to much of a bite. And to think, it can all be caused by a single cloud shading for a half hour, or the sky speckled in little clouds. 

Oh well, :) Its a non guilty pleasure of mine for the summer. I don't have to worry about sugar or being caught on caffeine. Its a wonderful journey to figure out my mothers perfect sun tea recipe. 


Like a proud parent, I proudly show a small bit of harvest from our two garden plots. Hooray!!!
The zucchini is growing marvelous, perhaps because its a dominate plant and like a monster it is taking over the plot. I thought these onions were the prettiest I have ever seen. And oh my these peppers are hot. Tasted a bit and almost lost myself in the flames. I don't take spice very well and I'm used to the more mild peppers from the grocery market.

Carrots and Parsley. My project yesterday was to dry the sprigs of these plants for spices. They turned out pretty well. I added them to a Bean Concoction (new name for my chili when I decided not to cook burger and then found out I had no tomato after I had started the process). I'll post a pretty picture of that as soon as I make some honey tortillas. A new invention of mine :)
Any recent garden meals you've put together lately?