Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Learning Lines

While the boy was down, Abigail and I drew a masterpiece. I laid out a giant piece of paper in the middle of our living room floor. With markers we learned how to draw FAST. We learned how to draw slowww. We learned to squiggle. We learned about jagged lines and rouuuuund lines.  We traced our hands. We traced our feet. Defiantly something I want to keep.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Operation Christmas

    Lately after the Christmas show I have been brainstorming on how to decorate our family apartment for Christmas. Well, actually, I've been brainstorming since last Christmas. We may submit to a mini tree because of the lack of space. But hey! Its easier to decorate with matching ornaments when you are building your new household's Christmas stock.
   This will be our third Christmas together, second at home. My husband and I both love blue. Here are some pics I gathered up for inspiration. And I love the homemade country cabin look too. I think we could pull it off here. Oh darn, I'll have to go shopping for the muslin and burlap.

LOVE this.
Via Pinterest

Christmas table runner?
Prints Charming

via Pinterest
christmas table
Dreamy Whites
Christmas Blue Tree Display
Wise Craft via Craft Gossip
Mmm and now for Pumpkin pie. I made two pies yesterday and we are already breaking into the second one. What's pie backwards? "EIP!"

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bandaging the House

Hello all!

Oh my! its been almost 2 months since I posted. In the mist of that I had overwhelming orders and preparing for a Christmas Show. During that time period my house fell apart. Laundry everywhere. Cheerio crumbs smushed into the living room carpet and the kitchen an ever shifting mess. Siiiiigh. So! My first order of business  after all of the chaos was to tend to my sanity and up-most my family's needs. Order is essential to contentment. Wonder why the kids don't play in their room with all the toys they have? Clean it in an organized fashion to set up for single subject focus and periodic rotation. It works wonders.

   Now to tend to my house. I am sourly disorganized and undisciplined to do chores. So I looked for a scheduled and or a list of to do tasks. I needed it to tend to three main problems I have. 1. Laundry 2. Simplicity, I run away from overwhelming list I'm not yet acquainted with. And 3. Beauty, I don't like ugly lists. I'm sure no one does.

 I found this basic cleaning  list via Pinterest and typed it up in my own word program altering it to the schedule that I do have "like cleaning the bathroom on Thursday" . Isn't it pretty! I printed it out and stuck it onto the side of my fridge. I pinned a few other lists under my Home Inspiration Board.

Here is another set  via Design Finch That I will be printing out these tend to other such needs like meal planning, blog posts and overall daily balance and wellness.
Blog Free Printable Calendar

Daily Pages from Life's a Journal            
Blog Weekly Calender from Living Locurto

So beautiful! Using the colored ink in my printer is totally worth it too! Be careful not to Overwhelm your self again. I promised myself to only add one formatted list a week or even two weeks just to get one routine under my belt. My cleaning calender this past week so far is proving productivity. Next I'm thinking about tackling my meal planner. Will update you how that goes.
Menu Planning Form from The Project Girl